About Me

Big Al's Mechanic ShopI was born and raised in New Orleans: love the food! The name Big Al came about when I was very young. I was as wide as I was tall, and by the 8th grade I was 6 ft tall. I finally stopped just short of 6’6″ in high school:  hence the name BIG AL. I grew up running up and down the bayous fishing and hunting. It’s a wonder I’m still here. I just about lived in the swamp as a kid, where the alligators were bigger than the boats I rode in. There is a saying where I come from, “Don’t worry ’bout the snakes, the alligators done ate ’em all up!”  I could fix just about anything as kid, or at least I  thought I could.  I started fixing cars in high school.  I would  get out of class to tune up the teacher’s cars.I worked in a motor home dealership just out of high school.
When the gas crunch hit, I got a job at a Ford dealership.  I’ve been a Ford man ever since. About 11 years ago, I met the girl of my dreams in Tupelo, Mississippi. So this so-called Cajun packed up and moved to Tupelo, MS.  It’s amazing what a great woman can do! I got saved around the same time!  Jesus is now my Lord and savior. Life is something that happens to you while you’re busy making plans to do something else! I Have three of the most wonderful daughters a father could want. They’re not only pretty, but also very smart. Did I mention they are really smart? I have a granddaughter that is the cat’s meow! She doesn’t know it yet, but she has me all wrapped up.

After many years of hard work, dedication and training, I achieved  Senior Master Technician Certifications from Ford Motor Co. This is Ford’s highest recognition for technicians.  I also Achieved Master Technician status from the Institute for Automotive Service Excellence, also known as ASE, a voluntary testing and certification organization for automotive technicians. I have 33 years of automotive experience. I recognized the push for profits at the dealership level was creating a need for more independent, cheaper auto repair shops. So in 2010, I decided to open BIG AL’S AUTO REPAIR: an affordable Automotive Repair Service to fill that need. I realized what customers wanted most of all was someone they could trust who cares about their safety.

I am  here to service the automotive needs in North Mississippi and surrounding counties. I have the latest technology and training to perform every aspect of your automotive needs from the smallest maintenance item to most major repairs.